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Prof. Dr. Oğuz POLAT

Violence toward women is a serious problem all over  the world including Türkiye. Violence is  an act  covering too many actions   as  slapping  in one point  and  killing  with torture in the other point. 
There are many theories about violence toward women beginning with feministic approach. But I think ecological model  is  really  explaining  violence toward women  in most of the actions. 
Türkiye is crying for  Özgecan-  the young girl who was  a psychology  student  in a university in Tarsus which is South of Türkiye. She was trying to return home and  the  bus  she rode was her last  stop in her life because the driver and his friends all together assaulted  her  and  then killed her. But the worse  action was they burned her body  after raping her. 
This dramatic event  made every person  very sad and vulnerable. This event is also showing that violence  of all kinds is a serious problem than it is expected, in a regular  day it is not safe to go home with a common bus either as Özgecan’s  case.   
When we want to look at  the picture of violence toward women in Türkiye  with numbers and figures  we are seeing that  the figures are insufficient to show the picture. But still these numbers are showing that  violence toward women is increasing. The dramatic  fact is not only  the incidences of  the  cases  but  also  the  brutalism  and the degree of  violence is increasing. This is a fact that we have to think about it. 
214  women  and 10 children are killed after sexual assaults in 2013 . Most of the perpetrators were partners, relatives of the  victims. The killing  methods are very brutal  because torturing, stabbing,  burning are the main methods used to kill which is showing that to give pain and feeling  of rage are the main feelings. 
BİANET  is giving figures as 171 murders of women  in 2012  and 141 women  and 8 children  are raped and sexually assaulted according to the official records.
Ministry of Inferior’s data is  showing 78.488 domestic violence cases between February 2010 August 2011.  11 women are killed by their partners in 2011, 3 were wounded.
Between 2005-2010  over 100.000  women  are victimized of sexual assault actions. 
The number of women  murdered in the first  7 months of 2010 were 226.
We have to remember that these official numbers are just the iceberg’s seen  part. The real numbers are much more that  these. But these  numbers by themselves are enough to show how important and serious problem we have about the violence toward women  and  our feelings are still hurting of Özgecan’s loss and the way  we lost her.

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